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Against the background of   a  landscape  nurtured and  sustained  by  the  time - honored  traditions  of  the  indigenous   peoples.  Guyana's   cultural  heritage  has  evolved out of a rich potpourri  of   influences    by   the   colonizers:  Dutch,   French   and   English    who      brought  captive   Africans   to   provide  forced   labour   on  their     plantations.     After    Emancipation   in   1838,    indentured  servants  from  Maderia, India, Africa and China contributed to the   rich  blend  of  cultures  out  of  which  have  come  unique customs.

This unique blend of cultures has resulted in the manifestation of craftsmanship, evident in the domestic  architecture  that  is  overwhelmingly  wooden  and  elaborate.  In  the  case  of  historic Georgetown, the urban  settlement arose out of a  well planned  system  of canals,  dams and sluices [kokers].  The  design  of  the city is as a  result of astute blend of elements: Dutch experience in water engineering, the orderly  arrangement  of  living  space  by  the  British  and the  artistry of Guyanese builders which gave rise to grand buildings occupying large lots. Local genius  is readily apparent in the abundance of  architectural detail - intricate  fretwork, baulsters, jalousies and the utilitarian Demerara Window visible in  many of  Guyana's public buildings, churches and dwelling houses.

This  virtual  tour of Guyana  offers  you   an  experience of  some of    the most unique and picturesque sights of our country's landscape.


To conserve, preserve and promote the nation’s patrimony so that the present and future generations will access and enjoy the richness of Guyana’s heritage.

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