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Exhibition Arrangement

The Dutch Heritage Museum is designed in a chronological format to sensitize the visitor about Guyana’s Dutch legacy. Information exhibited includes:

  • The Early Settlement and Development of Essequibo
  • Trade with Indigenous People
  • Aim of the early colonizers
  • Organization of the Dutch West India Company
  • The Dutch and the Trade in Enslaved Africans
  • The Development of Berbice
  • Abraham Van Pere, a brief history of the settlement(s) under his scheme
  • Dutch Forts/Outposts in Guyana
  • Views of Estates in Guyana
  • 1763 Slave Insurrection
  • The attempt at developing the Pomeroon
  • Laurens Storm van Gravesande
  • The Rise of Demerara
  • Development of New Amsterdam, Borselen Island and Georgetown
  • Social aspects of Dutch colonization – [Religion: the Dutch Reformed Church
  • A List and Information (biographical data & illustrations) of Dutch Governors in Guyana.
  • Translation of the Three Dutch Tombs located within the museum.

To conserve, preserve and promote the nation’s patrimony so that the present and future generations will access and enjoy the richness of Guyana’s heritage.

National Trust of Guyana
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