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Programme of Works

The daily activities of the National Trust of Guyana are primarily focused on the following areas:

Administrative Work

  1. Public Awareness and Heritage Sensitization.
  2. Research & Documentation.
  3. Site Visits to inspect state of conservation of heritage sites.
  4. Policy & Institutional Framework Development.
  5. Supervising and advising on the policy or practices of Heritage Conservation.
  6. Publications and Exhibitions which are published and mounted during the year.
  7. Capital Projects planned for Fort Zeelandia, Hogg Island and Fort Nassau.



To conserve, preserve and promote the nation’s patrimony so that the present and future generations will access and enjoy the richness of Guyana’s heritage.

National Trust of Guyana
94 Carmichael Street
South America.
Tel: (592) 225-5071
or (592)-223-7146
Fax:  (592) 223-7146