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Philatelic Exhibition

This exhibition, conceptualized and designed during Carifesta X in 2008, comprises of several display banners portraying postage stamps of Guyana from 1850 to 2008 under the following themes:

1. Early Postal History – describes the development of the postal service in the then British Guiana from 1796.

2. The Cottonreels – describes the 1850/51 Cottonreels and outlines the history of those stamps and their rarity.

3. Guyana’s Rare and Famous – provides information on Guyana’s 1856 rare Black on Magenta stamp.

4. Colonial Stamps – displays a range of Guyana’s other colonial stamps from 1852 to 1966.

5. History and Development - depicts notable and general events in the country’s history and development.

6. Early Independence – includes early independence stamps showcasing various aspects of Guyana’s development during the period.

7. Cultural and Social Heritage – showcases various aspects of Guyana’s culture and society including religious and other festivals among others mainly through post Independence stamps.

8. Industrial Heritage – highlights the country’s industrial development through a number of its industries including rice, sugar, bauxite, gold, timber, shipping among others.

9. Architectural and Engineering Heritage – displays stamps that highlight the historic and modern buildings, engineering structures as well as architecture of the indigenous peoples and eastern immigrants in Guyana.
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10. Flora and Fauna – showcases Guyana’s exotic plant and animal life.
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11. First Day Covers – highlights a number of first day covers issued during different periods.

12. Guyanese on Stamp – depicts Guyanese on stamps who have made great achievements, including international cricketers, statesmen, reggae star among others.

13. Regional International Events – showcases Guyana’s celebrations on postage stamps of both regional and international events.




To conserve, preserve and promote the nation’s patrimony so that the present and future generations will access and enjoy the richness of Guyana’s heritage.

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