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Home Visitor Rules

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Visitor Rules

  • Do pay attention to the rules and regulations laid down to protect the site
  • Do pledge to learn more about Guyana’s history & culture
  • Do enjoy the historic ambiance of our diverse cultural heritage

  • Do not deface, destroy, damage, disturb or take away any artifact of historic, cultural or archaeological value from the site
  • Do not discard trash or waste on the site
  • Do not hunt or trap any animals on the site
  • Do not take any food or drink whilst inside a heritage building. Please make use of designated hospitality areas
  • Do not sit on cannon(s) located on heritage sites.

To conserve, preserve and promote the nation’s patrimony so that the present and future generations will access and enjoy the richness of Guyana’s heritage.

National Trust of Guyana
94 Carmichael Street
South America.
Tel: (592) 225-5071
or (592)-223-7146
Fax:  (592) 223-7146